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Family Office

Super and Trust Admin
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How do I plan for the best financial future?

Planning for retirement, both from a lifestyle and financial perspective, should be part of the founder’s longterm wealth creation process.

We will generate a wealth accumulation program to secure your future.

Superannuation provides individuals with a wealth accumulation vehicle which is both tax-effective and largely protected in the event of something going wrong in their business. We provide robust solutions in relation to maximizing your wealth in retirement.

We still consider trusts to be useful tools despite sustained attack over recent years. We help individuals and corporations alike to understand how trusts work, why one would want to set up a trust structure and get advice on which is best for your individual situation.

Strategic Planning
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What's the right strategy to maximize profit?

In this age of globalization and change, companies face a bewildering array of uncertain, and ever changing tax rules. People not trained in taxation can never really understand all there is to know about it, and thus rely on us for detailed knowledge.  

Our strategic tax planning advice helps business decision makers use their knowledge of the company and the industry to better balance the costs and benefits of tax planning ideas. We help business decision makers identify tax savings ideas early on and throughout the development of a project, thus making the implementation of the ideas less intrusive and more effective.

Structure Advice
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How should one structure a business to maximize post tax benefits?

This is probably the most common question we hear. Should a business be conducted as a sole trader, a general partnership, a limited company, a limited liability partnership, set up outside offshore?

We will provide a bespoke answer to this important question. Getting the best possible structure in place is very important to the future development of a business.

Financial Planning
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Plan early, plan ahead.

Our financial advice will help you make the most of what you have while helping you to create a comfortable future for you and your family.

Our robust solutions help you save money, protect against risk, manage debts, grow assets, reduce tax liabilities, plan for retirement, identify entitlements for government benefits, and plan what inheritance is to be left to the next generation.

Family Business Succession
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Plan ahead, and plan early.

Succession planning is vital to the future of your company, whether you own a large public company or a small closely held family business.

We have developed a reliable and workable strategy for succession planning. It starts by planning early—even if the leader doesn't anticipate retiring for a decade. Begin by realizing that succession entails three aspects: management, ownership, and taxes.

Asset Protection
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Tax the tax man

We advise on methods of funding property and, plant and equipment including, for appropriate assets, an analysis between outright purchase, lease, hire purchase and contract hire. We are also able to examine the amount and sources of funds currently being used by a business compared with its current and future funding requirements.

Our strategy also offers a potentially lucrative new revenue proposition to sit alongside your core business. We will take you through a process of protecting an individual or family’s wealth across generations, legally.

We will also ensure your assets are owned in the most appropriate structure, build a wall between your business and personal assets, gain the maximum security to protect you before it's too late.

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We minimise your business and personal tax exposures by legitimate planning and by being aware of the changing taxation requirements, developing ideas and robust solutions capable of being implemented into your business structure.

At Rubicon Group, you have access to timely information, creative ideas and innovative solutions that will protect you against the complex and constantly changing tax legislation that governs Australian and overseas markets.