Best in class Expertise – It's all we do. Absolute leadership in key areas.


Protecting your interests
Australia's most Experienced Tax Lawyers have simple, proven solutions for you.


Dedication – We stand shoulder to shoulder with you to get what's fair.


We Dig Deep – Our commitment, research, insight and experience uncovers robust solutions.


Proven Success – Our confidential track record of big wins over many years.


Rapid Outcomes – Hit the books fast. Conversations count. Change that keeps working.



Rapid & Sustainable Outcomes
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We help companies and organizations create rapid, sustainable business performance improvement. Companies and individuals commonly see breakthrough results with existing resources.

Proven Success
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Australia’s most experienced and innovative tax lawyers make the law work harder for you.

Rubicon Group has a proven track record at achieving significant tax effective outcomes for clients. Our deep understanding of tax law, combined with our innovative, practical, purpose built tax management solutions allows us to truly put our clients’ interests first. We fastidiously apply taxation law to our clients’ advantage.

We Dig Deep
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We dig deep to discover your business “pain points.” But we don’t stop there. We also identify “points of hope” – those goals and dreams you have for your company, your life. This knowledge allows us to craft robust solutions that not only helps you overcome your current issues, but also anticipates your needs and positions you for additional success far into the future.

Best In Class Expertise
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We craft robust solutions that help you increase business success and earn a rapid return on investment. Quite simply, our professionals are the best in the business.

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We are dedicated to increasing your wealth, security, and personal satisfaction by providing robust innovative solutions and professional guidance.

We focus on increasing your peace of mind in a financial world over crowded with information and trendy products. As advisors we are committed to long term relationships built on a foundation of integrity and trust.